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Being Your Best Player When it Counts the Most!

by Craig Didmon

When playoffs and big tournaments lie ahead; being your best player is imperative. Having team success in hockey is important for your personal development and exposure. As your team heads into these games the one thing that you can control is your level of preparation. What does that entail? It is dedicated work ethic in practice, healthy lifestyle away from the rink, the foods you put in your body, and your mental focus.

Work Ethic

By working at your optimal level in practice you are showing your coach that you are invested in your team having success. You want it bad and you’ll do whatever it takes for your team to succeed. You’ll raise the level of your teammates around you as well as create a higher practice tempo; which will in turn benefit your team in the big games ahead.

Healthy Lifestyle

Work hard to eliminate distractions and stress in your life away from the rink. Get good rest and don’t spread yourself to thin. Don’t put off doing homework; look after your academic priorities so it is not on your mind the day of a game. Spend time with the people that know and understand your commitment to your team and to hockey.  


Put the right foods into your body; your daily diet (and not just game days) should consist of lots of fruits and vegetables, appropriate amounts of calcium, iron, omega 3's, carbohydrates and protein, and of course, lots of water. Stay away from the pop, chips and candy; if you don’t eat right you are not giving your mind and your body the optimal opportunity for success. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Mental Preparation

Finally, it is vital that you are mentally ready and prepared to play a great game. What does this consist of? Two easy steps are positive reinforcement and visualization. Tell yourself that you are a great player and an asset for your team. Think about the things you do well, and remind yourself consistently of these things. These are called positive affirmations. Make positive statements about your abilities to yourself that leave you feeling good and confident. Also, visualize scoring goals, blocking shots, making nice passes or good defensive decisions. The more you think about the game in a positive way, the better you will be prepared and the better you’ll play.

Big games are demanding and from a scout or coach’s perspective, this is where they want to see a player rise to the challenge. This is a time when the level of competition increases, as well as the speed, the physicality, and the pressure. If you are your best player and a positive factor in your team’s quest for success, your team will be better because of it!

Good Luck!

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